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We are building the first social network rewarding investors using their voice to support projects.

Ready to welcome mass adoption with millions of users & projects.

Web3 isn’t ready for mass adoption – yet.

Investors need a network

That is fun, user-friendly and that can guaranty them security when they invest, while being rewarded for using their precious voice. 

Projects need free services

Like Staking or DAO tools to reach and communicate with their present and future communities.

Peuple is here

To make this unique bridge between Web2 and Web3 – the key to introduce innovative projects to people while incentivizing them to participate & share everyday.

Link to the full article on NASDAQ.com

“The rise of these new social networks and their SocialFi integration is probably one of the best uses of blockchain technology and could be at the helm of mass adoption.”


The 1st rewarding socialFi network

The heart of the Peuple Network reside in its unique Staking and Bonus system. By achieving social actions – like tweeting, voting or holding – you earn Trophies and Points that we call Cheers.

Those Cheers are boosting your Staking Rewards not only on your favorite project, but for every Stakes available on our platform.


Cheers are universal, and so is your Bonus. A great way to make you earn more passive incomes while discovering new projects available on our platform everyday!


Meet your new free services

As a project, you will be able to join our platform and share to your community your brand new and free services!

Our revolutionnary staking system, allowing you to secure your liquidity while offering a new way for your holders to earn passive incomes.

A voting system, to make your community even more involved.

In addition to this, you’ll connect to communities that are ready and incentivized to discover and share new projects.

Governance tools


We're a team rocked by the French Revolution based in Paris.
Want to join us? We are hiring community builder profiles - and more!

Quentin Merabet

CEO, Founder

Quentin discovered how nerdy he actually was in the company of the old computers his father brought back from work.
Quentin graduated in Web & Artistic Direction with Honors in Paris. He firstly got a name by playing in movies and tv series. Quickly after that, he started working as a director for advertising and series.
Quentin - now back to his first love - imagined Le Peuple soon after celebrating his 30th birthday.

Mikael Couzic

CTO, Partner

Mikael has been developing web apps professionally since 2009, and teaching about it too. He writes his own open source libraries when he is not satisfied with what's already available. Be the change you want to see in the world, they say.
Mikael is also interested in all kinds of complex systems, like Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience, Martial Arts, Education and all you can find in between those subjects. Specialization is for insects.
He is also a trained biologist and is currently planting an 8000m² forest garden to create a biodiversity heaven near his home. Always aim for the long term !



Peuple.app – your futur SocialFi Network – is already here. But just for us!

Presently, we are building our unique services (staking, voting, social bonus system…) around our own project, before opening the platform to everybody else. It allows us to find the perfect formula while actively listening to suggestions from our community.